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Field visits conducted in Botswana to assess participatory epidemiology skills of vets and extension staff

In mid-March 2013, Saskia Hendrickx travelled to Botswana to conduct field mentoring of the veterinarians and extension staff who were trained in participatory epidemiology in November 2012.

Over a two week period and together with colleagues from the Botswana Ministry of Agriculture, she travelled to Central and Chobe districts to visit a total of five teams. The trip to South East district had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

During the visits, the following aspects were assessed: trainee attitude, logistical arrangements for the field visits, technical skills (semi-structured interviews and use of participatory epidemiology tools), sampling and data recording and analysis.

The overall performance of the trainees visited was good especially considering that many of them had not been able to conduct any interviews since the training course because of more pressing duties in relation to the foot and mouth disease review mission from the European Union.

A 3-day refresher course is planned for late May 2013 when the teams will present their findings. In addition, the colleagues from the laboratory will present the results of the analysis of the samples taken.

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