Competitive Smallholder Livestock in Botswana: The project at a glance

Research questions

  • What are the characteristics of smallholder livestock producers in Botswana and what factors constrain their livelihoods?
  • How can livestock-related marketing systems in Botswana be improved for the benefit of smallholders and the rural population?


  • To better define smallholder livestock production systems and to identify the factors affecting the productivity of smallholder livestock producers and assess their competitiveness
  • To understand and improve conditions for market participation and value addition in markets for livestock, livestock products and inputs
  • To strengthen the capacity of agricultural education and extension

Expected outcomes

  • Improved and more sustainable livelihoods among smallholder livestock keepers
  • Increased uptake and use of scientific and economic knowledge by those providing services to smallholders



Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)


1 September 2012 to 31 August 2015