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ILRI study sheds light on livestock value chains in central Botswana

Mahalapye cattle in Botswana

Mahalapye cattle in Botswana (photo credit: ILRI/Saskia Hendrickx).

In December 2012, a snapshot survey was conducted in two villages (Taupye and Thabala) and one semi-urban area (Serowe) in Botswana’s Central District. The aim of the survey was to characterize, using rapid appraisal techniques, the knowledge, practices, structure and performance of value chain actors.

The survey included focus group discussions and individual interviews with farmers, butchers, supermarkets and consumers and discussion of the results with stakeholders in February 2013.

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) has published the findings of the survey in four research briefs, accessible via the links below

For more information, contact Sirak Bahta (

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